Reebok Question “Georgetown” Release Date

questAlthough Allen Iverson retired in 2009, his lengthy and succesful career is still fresh in our minds. Today (March 8) the “Georetown” Questions [and Answers] dropped. This silhouette is a classic (if you remeber) and AI’s college colors look great on it. Retail price is $125 and I predict these won’t be as popular as I want them to be. Which always leads to envy and regret when you realize, “damn, I should have copped those Reeboks”. Either way Reebok is killin it this year, with or without the hype beasts. Did you pick these up today? Or are you more of an Answer fan? Leave all thoughts and comments below.

Reebok “Shaqnosis” Release Date

shaqnWith Reebok making a comeback in 2013, it’s only right that they release the “Shaqnosis”. They will be hitting retail stores this summer on July 19 2013, for $125. As I was a little iffy on these, I’m sure the entire Snkerhead community is too, which always sparks a debate. I was and still am feelin these and will defintely be getting my pair, what about you? Are these ugly?Too old? Just not Jordans, or hypebeast material? Please leave all your thoughts and comments below.

Reebok Retro Shaq Attaq “Orlando Magic” Release Date

shaqI am a Snkerhead, as well as a basketball fan. So when Reebok announced that the Shaq Attaqs were releasing again, my heart dropped. The release date is April 19 2013 and retail price is $160. However, they will only be relesed in select Reebok retailers, so availability may be tricky. Either way be on the lookout for these and other Reebok classics [not Reebok Classics] in 2013, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Are you as excited for these as I am? What other Reebok’s would you like to see hit stores in 2013? Leave all thoughts and comments below.