Air Jordan Retro IV Lightning Release Date

retro4***WITH MARCH 2 COME AND GONE, A 2013 RELEASE IS SKEPTICAL, HOWEVER WE WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED***Even though The Thunder & Lightning Pack released in 2006, its re-release is higly anticipated. (As seen with the Dec 22 2012 Thunder re-release).  This Tour Yellow/ Dark Blue/ Gray/White exclusive snker will be sure to make people flock to any retail store getting their hands on it, on their March 2 2013 release date. Retail Price is $175, but with everyone’s eyes already on these expect crazy resale prices. It seems like online orders on release dates is the best way to beat winter camping while not getting overcharged. I would have liked to have seen the Thunder & Lightnings come in a pack, but I’ll live. Leave your thoughts below.