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Nike Air Force 1 “What Happened to Love”

love 3

Great art expresses feeling, and these are no different. These Air Force 1 customs are entitled “What Happened to Love” and were created by Ecentrik Artistry. They feature a graffiti like theme and all the pain and suffering a present day relationship brings with it. They are a one of one created in 2010. They say “pride”, “deceit”, and “ego” on the sides and I can totatlly feel that. The artwork and paint job on these are super tight. The artist Ecentrik Artistry (@ecentrikartistry ) has been doin customizations since 2002 and you can purchase from his site ( or E-Mail him your own ideas at What are your thoughts on these? Leave all comments below.

Air Jordan Retro V “Bordeaux” Custom

macheAlthough not offically called the Bordeaux, this Mache Customs custom, is offically offical. They have the Bordeau color scheme, and the paint job is immaculate. Jordan should give this dude a job, because these are the few unoffical colorways that I like. Not like the knock offs that have ridiculous color schemes. These 5s are sure to turn heads and start conversations where ever you adventure to. If you want to get your own pair of Mache Customs the link is or follow him on Instagram @mache275. Who is your favorite sneaker customizor? How much would you pay for these? Leave all thoughts and comments below.

Nike Elite Lebron 9 “Statue of Liberty” Customs

kustom1With everyone trying to be different, custom sneakers is becoming extremely popular. This Kickasso Kustom features a crazy staue of liberty stencil and statue of liberty copper feel. The water stained drip and metal rust visuals ensure jealous stares where ever you rock these. These are oozing detail, even the laces which you would swear are metal.  They are available at the moment on Kickasso website for a reasonable price. and follow them on Instagram @kickassokustomsneakers. Would have purchased if released? Are you feelin the whole custom snker thing? Leave your thoughts below.