Air Jordan Retro 13 Cool Gray/ Fusion Pink GS Release Date

kid13Jordan Brand has been showing a lot of love to the ladies over the past couple of years, and this next Air Jordan 13 colorway is a great example. Sadly they are NOT available in mens sizes, so fellas get them for that certain someone[s], or get them in a womens size. They  are being released on the same day as the “He Got Game” 13s (March 16) for $120. Ladies, are you feelin these? Leave all thoughts and comments below.

Nike Kobe 8 Year of the Snake Release Date

kobe8With everyone milking the year of the snake (because it looks so dam good) Nike is releasing the Chinese New Year colorway for the Kobe 8s. They are releasing in stores on March 9 2013 for $150 retail. Expect acquiring these to be a tad difficult, as these are set to be exclusive. Nike has chosen traditional snakeskin pattern for the previous releases, but the bright red really sets these off. Are you feeling these like I am? What is your favorite “YOTS” edition so far? Leave all thought and comments below.


Air Jordan Spiz’ike Stealth/Green/Blue Release Date

sstealthWith all the March Spiz’ike madness, the last to release of the trilogy are the “Stealths”. The scheduled release date is March 30, 2013 and like the others, retail price is $175. The metallic green strap, baby blue laces and yellow accents make these pop and will attract attention regardless of where you are. Two shades of gray suede make them look smooth, and the pillow like inside cushions make them as comfortable as Uggs.[ Kinda exaggerated]. Not a huge fan, but not a hater. Are you feeling this colorway? Leave all questions, thoughts and comments below.

Air Jordan Retro 1 HI ’97 TXT “Playoff” Release Date

black1hiAlong with the “He Got Game” Air Jordan Retro 1, these too are scheduled to be released on March 2 2013, for $130. Like their release partners, these ’97 TXT feature characteristics of the Air Jordan Retro 13. These Black/Red/White imitate the classic “Playoff” colorway. They have the side hologram and circles, as well as tumbled leather for that OG Jordan feel. I am a fan of this imparticular model and the overall concept. They are so simple, yet smooth and are garenteed to get attention. Are you going to pick up a pair of these, or the “Who Got Games”? Or neither? Leave all thoughts, comments and questions below.

Air Jordan Retro 1 HI ’97 TXT “He Got Game” Release Date

1hgg2013 so far has been Year of the Ones, and the newest edition to the collection are the “He Got Games”. With the Air Jordan Retro 13 “He Got Games” releasing later this month Jordan Brand decided to keep the color way and boy does it work. From the black suede tounge and laces to the red bottoms, these are all around smooth. They even have circles on the side and a holographic jordan logo. They are scheduled to hit stores on March 2 2013 for $130. I’m pretty excited, what’s your opinion? Did they try to hard? Are these another Jordan mixed failure? Leave all thoughts and comments below.

Nike Air Force One “Iron Man” Release Date

af1The classic Nike silhouette is getting a Marvel twist as the Iron Mans hit stores February 23 2013. Retail price is $175, but for Gold and Varsity Red patent leathers forces, it is well worth it. However, the release is semi limited so be ready early.( Either with a lawnchair or credit card drawn). This also means those who get them will be exclusive, I’m tired of every one wearing the same thing. Expect to see mutliple new AF1 colorways in 2013 that become a necessity real quick. With Iron Man 3 coming soon, and summer right around the corner, make these a priority. Will you be picking these up? What’s your next cop? Leave all thoughts and comments below.

Reebok “Shaqnosis” Release Date

shaqnWith Reebok making a comeback in 2013, it’s only right that they release the “Shaqnosis”. They will be hitting retail stores this summer on July 19 2013, for $125. As I was a little iffy on these, I’m sure the entire Snkerhead community is too, which always sparks a debate. I was and still am feelin these and will defintely be getting my pair, what about you? Are these ugly?Too old? Just not Jordans, or hypebeast material? Please leave all your thoughts and comments below.

Fila “Grant Hill” Retro 2 Release Date

filaThis is NOT a Jordan only website. Personally I owned 2 pairs of these when they originally released in the 90s, and that was when I was 4, so this time around copping these will be MY idea. Set to be released March 15 2013, the “96s” will be no more then $100. The White/Navy Blue AND Black/Black coloway will both be dropping. I’m excited, however I don’t know how a pair a FILA’s will hold up in 2013. Nowadays its all about brand name, and how much money you spend. OG Snkerheads will appreciate these, R.I.P Tupac Shakur. Are you going to pic these up? Or is FILA already 6 feet under? Leave all thoughts and comments below.

Reebok Retro Shaq Attaq “Orlando Magic” Release Date

shaqI am a Snkerhead, as well as a basketball fan. So when Reebok announced that the Shaq Attaqs were releasing again, my heart dropped. The release date is April 19 2013 and retail price is $160. However, they will only be relesed in select Reebok retailers, so availability may be tricky. Either way be on the lookout for these and other Reebok classics [not Reebok Classics] in 2013, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Are you as excited for these as I am? What other Reebok’s would you like to see hit stores in 2013? Leave all thoughts and comments below.

Air Jordan Spiz’ike Black/Gray/Yellow Release Date

spikeAlong with the “Challenge Red” Spiz’ikes, these too will be released on March 2 2013. Retail price is still $175. This Batman type colorway is sure to fly off the shelves. Are you feeling these? Are they killing these? Leave all thoughts and comments below.